Which Attack on Titan Character Matches Your Height?

I recently received permission to post artwork from Siya_Ho, who focuses on Attack on Titan among many other series. I posted one of her pieces on our Instagram account, where it received a ton of attention, so I thought I’d bring this fun post here as well!

Which character from Attack on Titan are you, according to height? For those hopelessly lost in the world of the metric system, 2.54 cm = 1 in. Also note the name spellings, which were all over the place in 2013 when this illustration was created.

attack on titan character heights

Check out the above illustration on Siya Ho’s Pixiv account, and consider giving her a follow her on Facebook and Twitter.


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3 thoughts on “Which Attack on Titan Character Matches Your Height?

  1. I have a better question….how do we know that’s their height? How was this even done? It’s an amazing fan art though, love the fashion 🙂 I would wear almost everything the guys are wearing, very much my style.

    1. Haha well those heights are accurate from the ones I’ve cross-checked—at least they were in 2013 when it was made. Some characters, like Eren, have grown since then.

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