It’s the Day After Thanksgiving…

And temps are near zero
But no need to cry
Here comes Santa Nero!

Gif by FumaFu (reprinted w/permission)

Yes, I get the unfortunate connection between said character, the historical figure, and Christendom, but I shall permit it for this day only, as it is the unofficial start of Christmas season. Buy some holly, get jolly, and shop if you must, but most importantly, I encourage you to approach the season in a solemn and thankful manner. We’ll do our part in December to help you out with our usual “12 Days” posts, and a couple of Christmas-y podcast episodes, too. So hang in there if you’re stressed, turn to God and others if you’re struggling on your own (we’re always just an email away if you need someone to talk to), and worship the LORD for the miracles we celebrate this season—of a Savior born in the city of David, and of a baby who was born to give us new life.


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