12 Days of Christmas Anime (and Manga!): A Very My Hero Academia Christmas

Day 12: Celebration

In Chapter 242 of the My Hero Academia manga, it’s Christmas at U.A. High School!

The students in the dorms all celebrate the holiday together dressed in Santa costumes. They discuss their upcoming winter break internship plans. And that’s about it.

Christmas in this chapter is window dressing. The chapter is not about Christmas; Christmas just happens around the lives of the cast.

Christmas is a celebration where friends and family come together in the spirit of giving.

To Christians, Christmas has a deeper meaning. It is a joyous day to celebrate the birth of Christ Jesus our Lord. We remember His miraculous birth and look forward to the free gift of salvation He provides. We give gifts in honor of the gifts given to Him as well as a reminder of Christ as the perfect gift for all mankind.

Sometimes, however, stress takes over our lives. Instead of having the opportunity to celebrate, we focus on the stresses of life. I implore you—don’t.

Take the time apart. Let yourself relax and enjoy the holiday.

Celebrate Christ’s birth. Enjoy your family.

Let your brain stop, even if only for a moment.

To help with that, I leave you with the cutest part of this chapter, Eri Claus.

Merry Christmas!

You can read this chapter of My Hero Academia at Shounen Jump. Thank you for joining us for the 12 Days of Anime Christmas posts! We hope you enjoyed and that you have a wonderful Christmas Day!


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