First Impression: Infinite Dendrogram (for Newbies)

In the year 2043, the first ever full-dive VRMMO, Infinite Dendrogram, has been released, providing gamers infinite ways to interact and play around within its world. Reiji Mukudori, having just recently bought it, enters into the game under the name Ray Starling and, joining alongside his older brother Shu and his partner Embryo Nemesis, marks his own adventure within the game, starting with his first-ever quest to rescue the younger sister of an NPC.

I don’t usually watch shows that have MMOs in the front center of their stories, but while I haven’t read the Infinite Dendrogram light novels, I have heard many positive things about it by the other writers here, and that piqued my interest in the anime. Honestly, I have so many questions about the inner mechanics of this game, and while the first episode answered some of them, it also raised more in exchange (alongside the weird feeling that something dark might come later on). I like Reiji/Ray as a protagonist, especially with how much he cares for even the NPCs/tians of Infinite Dendrogram, and especially with the stakes that comes fro them dying in this incredibly realistic virtual world. The other characters were also good in their own right, and while Nemesis only just showed up near the end, I can tell her personality would liven up the team dynamic as the story goes. With that said, I think I’ll try to stick with this show as long as I can, since the story does show a lot of promise.

Infinite Dendrogram can be streamed on Funimation.

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  1. On thing that piques my interest is the 3 to 1 time ratio, 24 out of game equates to 72 hours in game, which I suppose means you are able to get more done, but when you are away for a while you are away for a long time in game.

    Also the series is available to stream on Hulu.

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