First Impression – Mashle: Magic & Muscle (Manga)

Mashle: Magic and Muscle is a new Shonen Jump series by Hajime Komoto that dropped this past weekend. The story begins by introducing us into a world of magic. Everyone in the world can do magic, except for Mash. The protagonists, Mash, who bears a passing resemblance to Shigeo Kageyama of Mob Psycho 100, was raised to be ridiculously strong in order to defend himself. We discover the reason after Mash disobeys his father and leaves the house for the first time.

Mashle reads a flier about cream puffs and decides to disobey his father because of his love for cream puffs and go into the city.

When venturing into the city, Mash encounters the police, who are arresting people on the spot who do not have the mark of a magic user. Their society has practiced eugenics for years to ensure an entirely magical population; non-magical people were removed from society altogether. Mash was hidden from the rest of society for years. However, he could not be hidden forever.

Mash uses his fists to punch back a magical attack. The person who attacked him looks on with a shocked look.

When the police attack Mash and his father, he strikes back and knocks aside their magical assault. This entire introductory chapter is designed to get our muscle hero with no magical powers to agree to enter into the local magical school. He promises to attend and become the highest ranking student at the school.

A school for magic.

With no magical powers.

What began as a potential action-comedy on the run from the police is about to turn into an action-comedy in a magical school setting. I’m imagining a soft-spoken Hulk entering Hogwarts or Luna Nova.

The entire premise sounds awesome. A muscle hero who can punch his way through magic? What’s not to like! I’m here for the concept and hope to see how the awkward Mash, who has been sheltered from all of society, deals with being thrust into a school setting. It’s a fun fish-out-of-water story with magic and punching. Think One Punch Man meets Little Witch Academia. Sounds up my alley. I look forward to the next chapter in Shonen Jump.

Mash accepting that he will join the magical academy and become the best by using his fists.

You can read Mashle: Magic and Muscle at Shonen Jump. The most current chapters are always free.


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