Madoka Side Story Magia Record, Episode 7: A House Divided

Halfway through, one thing that Magia Record is doing right is that it continues to deepen the mystery. We’re still drilling in instead of making our way out. Episode seven, for instance, isn’t particularly concerned with Iroha and her sister—instead, we’re asking more questions about what’s going on in Kamihama City, and are made to wonder about the reappearance of a character (or rather her first real appearance).

The episode tunnels down into these mysteries by literally going into a tunnel. Felicia follows masked servants (lesser ranking magical girls?) underground, tempted by the promise that all witches will be killed. The last episode revealed that Felicia’s parents died by witches, and we see how at the beginning of episode seven—through a fire caused by a witch, with Kyubey showing up right in the middle of the tragedy to make a contract (what an ambulance chaser!).

Down in the tunnel, Felicia meets an interesting pair who call themselves the Wings of the Magius, magical girls who support the “Three Magius” who are enacting a plan to destroy all witches.

The temptation is too strong for Felicia and she agrees to join them. Along the way she discovers that Kyoko has also enlisted (though for far less personal reasons).

And while we don’t learn much about the Magius’ plan, we do discover three important things. The first is more of a confirmation: The Uwasa of the Lucky Owl Water is a creation of the Magius and is being used in their fight against the witches. The second is that the twins, at least, have a power that helps them become witchlike, similar to Iroha. And finally, the Magius are willing to use witches themselves as soldiers to accomplish their goals.

That last event is a surprising one; they employ the witches when Yachiyo and the others come into their lair, but the strategy backfires. Felicia, of course, hates witches and so flees from the Magius’ side. Kyoko doesn’t like the smell of this either, and also fights back, giving Iroha an opportunity to match up against the Uwasa. Harnessing her newfound power (and protected by her last few lucky chances from the Owl Water), Iroha is able to defeat it on her own.

It’ll be interesting to me to see where this story line leads. Even if there was some resolution at the end of the episode, with Felicia seemingly becoming the fourth member of the magical girl team and finding a home after living and bonding with Yachiyo, we still don’t know much about the Magius (including their identities). We do know that one of the “Wings” is Mifuyu, and with her reintroduction (and ever so brief mentioning of a bitterness she feels), it seems as if the finale of Yachiyo’s role in the story is to save her friend. I’ll be eager to see that resolution, as well as to how it crosses with Iroha’s, perhaps in a heartbreaking way (I keep thinking of Mami’s warning about Yachiyo).

Next week, though, I expect a return to Iroha’s story. I think we’re done with the introduction of magical girls now, so hopefully future episodes will be more in line with this one—a focus on the main story and less on new characters (though we still have several old ones that haven’t yet found their way into the show).

Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record can be streamed on Funimation.


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