Anime March Madness 2020: The Play-in Matches

It’s that time of year again! In just a couple of weeks, we start our annual Anime March Madness tournament where you, our dear readers, determine the best anime by voting on single-elimination matches in a playoff tournament resembling that other, only slightly bigger March Madness. The actual tourney will begin on March 2nd, but we’re getting a little head start with our play-in matches to help determine which anime get into the field of 32.

Please vote on the matches below and then click on the links below that to vote on different matches on our social media pages.




We have 14 other play-in matches this week as well. Please head on over to our brand new Instagram account (still in a soft launch as Koukachi) and check out the stories, where we’ll post a match a day through Thursday. Please subscribe there and on Twitter and Facebook as well, where you can also vote. Finally, you can vote on Patreon if you’re a patron—we have a new $1 tier for those that want to help but can only give a little bit.

Thank you for your votes, and I hope you’ll join us all month long in March as we move toward determining our winner and the very best anime series!


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