Digital Church Services for Otaku

During this time of pandemic, all organizations and groups have had to change the way they do things. The church has been no different. For many, that means starting to stream worship services online if they hadn’t been doing so already. And despite the many challenges in going to an online format, this has perhaps created an environment in which individuals who otherwise would feel uncomfortable at a church to attend at a distance. I imagine that applies very well for many otakus. If you’ve been thinking about church but haven’t had the motivation or willingness to step into one, I would encourage you to try out a digital service this Sunday.

Below are links to a number of different choices that you can explore. We do not specifically recommend these churches, nor can we vouch for all their teachings, but consider them a good start for you:


Vatican (Mass), English

Vatican (Mass), Spanish

Twitter accounts

Note: There are multiple services from Thursday through Sunday in celebration of Easter, so you may want to tune in regularly this week.

Protestant Denomination

English Services

The Austin Stone Community Church — (Austin, TX)

Bundoora Presbyterian Church — (Australia)

Grace Bible Church — (Virginia)

Hope Community Church — (Raleigh, NC)

Vous Church — (Miami, FL)

Spanish Services

Alpha & Omega Church — (Miami, FL)

English / Tagalog Services

Christ’s Commission Fellowship — (Philippines)

This resource page may update from time to time.

Last update: 4.8.2020

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