TangleCast 76: The Role of Music and Love in Your Lie in April

In this episode of the TangleCast, David, Peter, and Holly analyze an anime that’s as appropriate as any to look at this month—Your Lie in April. In particular, they investigate what makes the series so emotional, focusing on a cast of sacrificial characters, the power that music has to move people, and how love can rescue and restore. Come join them as they revisit this gem of a series.

0:00 Introduction
2:23 Old Cast Question
6:55 New Cast Question
10:33 Anime or Ani-Made Up
19:52 Your Lie in AprilFirst and second impressions
27:20 Discussion—A beautiful cast
35:27 Discussion—Musical moments
46:06 Discussion—Dynamic love
57:04 Discussion—A great series
1:03:35 Closing

We want your feedback as well! Each week we ask a question on the podcast and feature your answers on the next episode. Here’s this week’s CQ (Cast Question): What instrument(s) do you currently play or have played in the past? 

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Featuring music by Celotron and David, and mixed by Chris (all rights reserved).


3 thoughts on “TangleCast 76: The Role of Music and Love in Your Lie in April

  1. Ah, Your Lie in April. I have so many memories of this series, like the time my friends and I bingewatched the first half and tried to pinpoint what Kaori’s illness was. I also vividly remember the anticipatory grief I had over her imminent death as the anime went on because I decided to follow with the manga then.

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