Join Beneath the Tangles and our Staff on Twitch

We’re always looking for opportunities to connect with our readers and viewers, but particularly through this time where so many of us are stuck at home. One way we started doing that was through Twitch streams, where some of our writers and other volunteers began to get to know you on a different platform and through media we don’t often dive into. That’s been a really cool way to reach you guys, and has resulted in our newest venture: a Twitch channel for Beneath the Tangles!

Beneath the Tangles (Twitch)

We’re going to be streaming every Friday at 5:00 p.m. ET as BambiBethy, who also hosts Doki Doki News, updates you on Beneath the Tangles and then streams away! But it’s not only Fridays that you’ll get to watch and interact with us: A whole group of our volunteers will keep yu busy throughout the week as our channel hosts theirs. Here’s the schedule:

Please go to our channel and subscribe now! We can’t wait to interact with you this way, and think you’ll have fun getting to know us in a different way than just through the written page!

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