Interview in Place: Meet Peter of the TangleCast!

During this time when we’re at home more than ever, we’re looking to bring you more content in ways we haven’t before. As part of that, our Director of Development, Cecillia, is interviewing some of the folks you usually just hear from on Beneath the Tangles: our on-air podcasters (Bethany, Peter, Holly, and David) from the TangleCast and Doki-Doki News! We’ll be posting these from home interviews one at a time over the next few weeks. I encourage you to check them out here or join us on our YouTube channel to watch them.

We started with David last time, and today we feature Peter!

This video with Peterwas first released on Patreon—you can get a sneak peak of each video as they upload by becoming a patron! All these interviews go up a week or two early for those you donate to us. We would very much appreciate you considering donating to our ministry. We have tiers starting at $1 a month—trust me, even that one dollar makes a difference as we reach people for kingdom purposes.

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Enjoy the video series, and please subscribe to our YouTube channel!


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