Vote for the Original TangleCast Anime You’d Most Want to Watch!

On our last episode of the TangleCast, the crew got into the spirit of the series they were analyzing, Shirobako, and pitched their own ideas for an anime! Today, you get to vote on the anime that you’d most like to watch if it was actually developed! Check out the summaries of each of the three pitches below, and vote on which anime you’d most like to see. You can hear further details about each by listening to the podcast episode (this segment begins at the 14:13 mark).

A special thanks to our friend Whitney for creating these awesome illustrations for us to help accompany the descriptions. You can just imagine these shows coming to life! Please follow Whitney on Twitter and Instagram.

Tales of Gricia by Peter
21 episodes
isekai, shounen, fantasy

The year is 2380 CE. Technology has advanced so greatly that clean air and food are artificially created and no longer require vegetation. Sugihara Shou, a 21 year old college student majoring in anthropology, has strange dreams of lush forests and vast hillsides he has never seen. One day he decides to go on a group trip exploring a protected nature reserve. Hearing whispers in the distance, Shou goes out into a cave thinking someone is in danger, but ends up falling into the ground. He wakes in an alley into a strange town. While on an errand as he gets adjusted to this new world, Shou notices a mysterious traveler using magic to help a merchant whose cart is stuck in a hole. Following her into the woods, he is captured by her and learns of the prejudice against magic users in the kingdom and his own ability to communicate with the nature around him. The girl introduces herself as Rin, a magical weapons specialist. Shou decides to assist Rin and her comrades in saving magic in the kingdom.

Akuma (Satan) by David
13 episodes (arc 1 of 3)
psychological, seinen, mystery, police

Though gifted and a genius, Kei Tanaka has decided that he will live a safe and comfortable life by working as a salaryman for a reputable company. But the truth is, he hates this mundane life. Each weekend, Kei gambles and drinks alone at home. Everything changes, though, when he receives a phone call comes from his friend at the police office. They want his help. A string of seemingly unrelated crimes have taken place and the sole connection between them is a girl known only as “the woman.” Kei dives headfirst into the case, and thus begins a game of cat and mouth as he seeks to find the woman and discover the truth…but at what cost?


Suppressed by Holly
13 episodes
shounen, fantasy, post-apocalypse

In the year 2200, it has been 50 years since the last virus outbreak-apocalypse that mankind survived. To those affected, the virus had shuffled the human genome, giving them magical abilities, and resulting in two new sub-races of humans: those immune to the virus with magic skills (the Superiors)  and the other, the Suppressed, who live their lives trying to avoid triggers that transform them into man-hungry zombies. Yuuno is a Suppressed who has a high tolerance for transformation, but what happens when he crosses the line, and in doing so, fully understand that in this world, Superiors stand above the law? Will the Suppressed and human race be able to destroy the corrupt caste system that had shackled them for half a century?



Thank you for voting! And again, we highly encourage you to follow Whitney, the talented modeler and illustration who developed this wonderful drawings.
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