The Light Novel Club Selections for July & August 2020!

Looking for some summer reading? Well, it’s time to officially announce the next titles we’ll be reading for the Light Novel Club!

July 2020: Of Dragons and Fae: Is A Fairy Tale Ending Possible for the Princess’s Hairstylist?

Pretty sure the Fairy-type has a huge advantage over the Dragon-type here.

This fantastical romance is our first title from Cross Infinite World, a rather underrated light novel publisher with a lot of unique titles. In addition, this is a one-shot title, so if you’re looking for something you only have to read one volume of to get the full story, this is the book for you!

Cross Infinite World describes the title as such:

“At last, I’ve found you, my Bondmate.”

As Flowerfolk, I never dreamed of having a fairy tale romance, but I also didn’t expect to be dumped three days after being confessed to by a dragon knight! Spurned and angry, I decided to devote my life to my work as the human princess’s hairstylist, only to find out that the princess was going off to dragon country to marry the Dragonkin prince and taking me with her. Now I have to serve in the same castle as that jerk who dumped me! The princess can have the fairy tale ending, I’m done with romance.

Our discussion will go up on July 31st! Here are some places you can get the ebook:

Cross Infinite World website (has links to various stores)

August 2020: How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom, Vol. 2

Like a dark elf’s appearance after she turns 30, war never changes.

The popular kingdom-building isekai was one of the earlier titles we covered in the Light Novel Club, and now that an anime adaptation has been announced, I figured it’s about time we get back to it. This time, it looks like war is on the horizon. Souma might be able to tackle socioeconomic reform, but how will he handle military conflict?

J-Novel Club describes the volume as follows:

When Souma Kazuya was summoned to another world to become a hero, he didn’t go on an adventure, he became the king of Elfrieden and took to governing instead. Using knowledge from his old world, Souma began to push forward reforms every day, but eventually there came a time when he would have to face the general of the army, Georg Carmine, who refused to soften his rebellious stance. When the plans of the neighboring Principality of Amidonia get involved, things move from the political arena to the military one. “Now, let the subjugation war begin!” Will Souma be able to safely bring this war to a conclusion?! This amazing transferred-to-another-world internal-politics fantasy series is on its second volume!

Our discussion for this volume goes up on August 28th! Here are links to buy the book:

J-Novel Club website (ebook download links)
RightStuf (paperback, distributed by Seven Seas Entertainment)
Amazon (both ebook and paperback)

We hope you read along with us! And if you would like to participate in our discussion yourself, you can join the Beneath the Tangles Discord, where we have a Light Novel Club channel; in addition to discussing any other light novels you want, if we have enough interest, we will open our Light Novel Club discussion to folks there!

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