First Impression: Lapis Re:LiGHTs

Tiara has managed to get into the prestigious Flora Girl’s Academy to pursue her dream of becoming a great witch. Not only that, but she even gets to be in the same student group as her childhood friend Rosetta that she hadn’t seen in a few years. As she learns about what goes on in the magic academy and meets the other members of her group, she also finds out that her group is in the lowest-ranked group academically, and is on the verge of failing out…

If you’re like me and have seen a good number of both idol anime and fantasy anime, you’ve probably at some point wondered “why isn’t there a fantasy idol anime”? Lapis Re:LiGHTs seems to be the show that finally combines the two, though there’s not actually much in the way of idol stuff in this first episode; it seems to be largely setup for the world and its characters. Still, I enjoyed it a fair amount; the magic academy itself is presented as a fun place, and there are hints of further character storylines, with Tiara having been estranged from her older sister at some point and others in the school also having a beef with said sister. One potential concern is that the opening shows a lot more girls than just the core cast, which can be hard to manage, though they do seem to be grouped into their own cast herds to help on that end. Add on some cute character designs, solid animation, and pretty artwork and this could be the fantasy idol anime I had been looking for.

Lapis: ReLIGHTs is streaming on Funimation.

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