TangleCast 81: Growth and Struggle at Howl’s Moving Castle

We’re baaaaack! The TangleCast returns from its a summer break with another topic and a tweaked format! Holly, Peter, and David take a dive into the Hayao Miyazaki classic, Howl’s Moving Castle, and particularly look at what parts of the movie hit them in just the right spots, and what those scenes might reveal about the director’s intentions. Come “ketchup” with the crew and revisit the magic of Studio Ghibli.

0:00 Introduction
1:00 Ketchup
8:16 Howl’s Moving CastleIntroduction
11:13 Discussion—Impactful scenes
16:37 Discussion—Did Sophie change?
27:14 Discussion—Miyazaki realism
32:04 Discussion—Monster of war
35:38 Discussion—Struggle, community, and hope
45:46 Closing

Podcast Links:

  • The podcast team aren’t the only ones on staff who recently revisited the film. Josh rewatched it last year and found a new perspective on the classic.
  • See where Twwk placed Howl’s Moving Castle on his ranking of Studio Ghibli films.
  • Check out this video essay about Miyazaki and his use of the concept of ma.
  • Holly references James 1:19-20 and David referred to Psalm 23:1.
  • Featured illustration by ハラダミユキ (reprinted w/permission)
  • If you ever have any questions or need prayer or just want to chat, feel free to reach out to any of us: David / Peter / Holly.

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Featuring music by Celotron (all rights reserved) and mixed by David and Twwk.

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