First Impression: Tonikawa: Over The Moon For You

Middle-School wiz kid Nasa Yuzaki has it pretty rough. Not only was he given a name that many people laugh at because, well, NASA, but when he goes to cross the street to talk to a PRODIGIOUSLY cute and mysterious girl, a delivery truck slams right into him. And you thought YOUR 2020 was bad. However, it seems as though Nasa is alright as our mystery girl took the brunt of the hit like a BOSS and ducked out before he had a chance to get up. Our purple haired bro runs after the girl that saved his life and, as all crazy kids do when they’re hyped up on adrenaline after kissing the grill of a truck, confesses his love to her. Surprisingly she’s cool with this and says that they can be together if he marries her. Nasa happily agrees…and then passes out. Because, you know, getting hit by a pickup truck kinda has that effect. Fast forward a couple years, and Nasa seems to be doing alright, but his heart seems…empty. However, a ring at the doorbell brings an interesting surprise. Tsukasa, the girl that saved him all those years ago, is at his door wanting to come in with marriage certificate in hand as per their arrangement. Though shocked at the suddenness, Nasa still has love for Tsukasa and agrees to put it on paper and sign his name on the dotted line. So our young couple goes to the marriage registration office to make things official, getting a little plant as a wedding gift. So much for the gift registry! Outside the ward office, Nasa allows himself a lewd moment with his new bride and…holds Tsukasa’s hand. (I don’t know if I can even type that here on Beneath the Tangles, it’s so graphic.) Together, the two go off into the night as husband and wife with Nasa freaking out over the idea that they’ll probably be sleeping together in the same bed…as a couple. Bless his heart, he’s just so pure.So, yeah, I love this one guys. I really do. I’m a sucker for a good romcom (*coughs* Check out the Toradora Watch Party! *coughs*) and this one fits the bill on so many levels. If you recall in my look at Uzaki-Chan Wants to Hang Out, I was hoping that the trend of having more anime based around college-age characters would continue on for a while, and this show does not disappoint…to a point. While yes, the characters are college-age, it’s towards the lower end of the age spectrum, and the fact that they look younger than they are doesn’t really help much. Seriously, these characters look like they’re in high school AT MOST. But honestly, I think I can overlook that as the story itself is just so sweet. In a way, it feels like an updated version of Oh My Goddess; a beautiful, mysterious girl comes down to Earth and starts a relationship with a well-meaning, pure hearted hapless guy. Seriously, the guy is so freaking pure, as one commenter pointed out, he waits until AFTER he’s married to hold hands. No lewd activities until marriage. I approve.

So where does that leave Tonikawa: Over The Moon For You? It’s a no-brainer follow for me. If you’re looking for something sweet and comfortable to escape the drama of the day-to-day, you have got to follow this one. It has enough meat on the bone to keep you satisfied, while keeping things light and funny enough where you don’t have to engage in Rubik’s Cube mental gymnastics to understand what’s going on. Having read a bit ahead, I know that this story and these characters will only get more and more endearing and adorable as the series goes on, so trust me when I say you have a lot to look forward to. Speaking of reading ahead, our dear boss TWWK did a writeup of the first volume, available on Viz. Check it out when you get a chance and tell him Josh sent you.

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Tonikawa: Over The Moon For You can be streamed on Crunchyroll. Read our thoughts on all the new fall anime series, in additional comments from our other writers, on our fall 2020 anime first impression master post.

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