Enjoy Veterans Day AND Pocky Day with this Royai Art

November 11th brings together two unlikely bedfellows—Veterans Days, likely to be ignored by younger audiences except those that get the day off from school, and Pocky Day, which older audiences may be at a loss to even comprehend. And yet, here we are, the earlier celebrated because November 11th, 1918 was the day that WWI ended and the latter because, well, 11-11—a couple pairs of Pocky sticks. But no worries, I’ve found a piece of art that helps commemorate both for us otaku. Check out this lovely piece from artist みかづき える that’ll remind you of the enormous sacrifices our veterans of have made as you consider the heroics of Roy Mustang’s squad and make you squee as you see a near Pocky kiss between Roy and Riza. Enjoy!

みかづき えるポッキーの日」 ☆

royai pocky day
reprinted w/permission

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