Fanart Friday: Warm Up with Laid-Back Camp’s Outdoor Activities Circle!

Ever been winter camping? Although I grew up doing a lot of camping, it always in the spring or fall, so it’s been both fun and a learning experience for me to see how the girls of the Outdoor Activities Circle (and other friends) have camped during winter in Laid-Back Camp (Yuru Camp). And in fact, though I may be mixing up my manga reading with the anime, I do believe we’re in for more winter camping in the second season, coming in January. So in preparation for that and for the winter ahead, here are the lovely young women (and one cute Chihuahua) of Laid-Back Camp all ready to face the bitter cold of the outdoors!

未来電機ゆるキャン×ノースフェイス絵まとめ」 ☆


* Reprinted w/permission

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