Christmas Songs from our TangleCast Podcasters!

Last year, three members of our TangleCast podcast team (editor Celetron and on-air talent David and Holly) recorded their renditions of some Christmas classics. Here they are to stream or download! They’re really pretty little clips! David leads worship at his church and studies the craft, Holly was part of a worship team herself, and Celotron, well, let me tell you—around our household, we always like to say he has the voice of an angel.

We hope you enjoy these songs and that they help you get ready for this holiday season. Merry Christmas!

Celotron singing “I’ll Be Home for Christmas”


David singing “Christmastime is Here”


Holly singing “Last Christmas”


2 thoughts on “Christmas Songs from our TangleCast Podcasters!

  1. Always glad to have good Christmas time music from the crew! You guys have some pipes on you.

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