AniMarch Madness 2021: Sweet Sixteen (Day One)

Welcome to week two of AniMarch Madness! Week one was spectacular—we had more than 8,000 votes pour in for the 18 matches, the most we’ve ever had. While there were some surprises, upsets were really few and far between, and there was no shocking development. The biggest takeway is that many of these sixteen remaining anime have a good chance at winning the entire tournament, something we’ve never been able to say before.

FMAB, now 19-0 all-time, continued to dominate, but so did lots of others series. And with less Facebook participation this year (polling is no longer allowed on pages, leading to a smaller audience voting through our special FB group), Instagram now has a bigger say—and I don’t believe they’ll be pulling as hard for Fullmetal as FB has in the past. While Demon Slayer and MHA proved their mettle last year and continue to into 2021, a plethora of others, from uber-popular Attack on Titan to old favorite Naruto to newcomer Jujutsu Kaisen, are also ready to challenge for the crown. Then again, any of those mentioned could go down in round two as the competition is stiff.

Here’s how the bracket now looks heading into the sweet sixteen:

Enough with the commentary, though—it’s time to vote! We’ll feature two matches each day through Thursday. As always, you can vote on the match-ups below, but we also encourage you to subscribe to our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. The fun there is in participating in the communal aspect of the games, as our subscribers cheer for their favorites and express disdain for others. The social media aspect has also been a way that we can provide voting throughout the week, though we’re going to take that option to the blog as well. Voting on the blog closes at 9:00 a.m. ET tomorrow.

Here are today’s matches:

Shounen / Popular Region

Critical Darlings Region


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