Fanart Friday: Laid-back Spire

When this lovely science fiction-flavored illustration popped up on Pixiv feed, I was excited to share it—and that was before I took a closer look. “Wait a minute…is that Nadeshiko?!” I became super-excited: a Laid-back Campgirl at some sort of towering windmill industrial structure! How interesting! A third look at the illustration provided even more treasure—Nadeshiko coming up a most Yuru Camp sort of trail to the futuristic structure, and, oh ho (!), Rin Shima, too, standing at the edge of the plateau on which the spire rises, looking off in a serene way. Is she just taking in the landscape, or is she deep in thought about technology and a changing world? Left to our own imaginations, I guess.

Archive 摇曳露营Ω 」 ☆

reprinted w/permission

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