Review: Blue Box, Chapter Three

Three chapters in to Blue Box, a manga serialization on Shonen Jump, and my love for the series continues to grow.

Did I mention I’m a fan of manga that has a seamless blend of sports and romance? It’s definitely one of my favorite genres, and I have continued to be impressed, excessively giggly, and outright fangirl explosion-y with this new series!

Of course this latest chapter of Blue Box was no exception, but it gives readers something a little different than the first two. Chapter three presents a potential crush from another character on the main hero, Taiki, but it also shows that he has made a “grave” mistake that his senpai tells him he might not recover from.

Sound dramatic? Indeed it does, but the ending makes the angst worth it in seeing how Taiki handles this accidental mishap that came from good intentions.

And speaking of angst, this slow burn romance creates just that. While Senpai mentions her focus is on the basketball team and getting to nationals (the previous chapter mentioned Taiki is doing the same), it brought to mind the question: Just how earnest is she in saying this?

Not that I doubt her (or Taiki), mind you! But I’ll confess that when it comes to characters I’m shipping and rooting for, I like to overanalyze and “dig deep” in guessing their true intentions. While I definitely think both main characters are very much focused on going to nationals and preparing for that, I can’t help but think that neither of them would mind if the possibility of them becoming a couple came to fruition.

I suppose that on May 9th, when the next chapter releases, I’ll find out if my speculations are indeed correct or not.

Blue Box can be read at Shonen Jump. The most recent chapters are always free.

Laura A. Grace

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