Reformation-chan is so Kawaii

Martha may seem like a regular clumsy schoolgirl, focused on her studies rather than on raising a ruckus, but when she discovers the true injustice happening in the church, she becomes Luther-chan! And together with other girls whose powers and wisdom awaken, they come together to become the Reformers. Reformers, assemble!

Okay, that’s not quite the story—the reality is of course quite a bit more complicated and momentous, but it’s been kawaii-ified in a really fun way through art and profiles by krakocloud, who imagines a number of the leading figures of The Reformation as cute anime girls in a series entitled, “Let’s Reformation!” Check out the profiles and illustrations below, reprinted with permission:

Martha Luther (Luther-chan)

Ulrike Zwingli (Zwingli-chan)

Jeanne Calvin (Calvin-chan)

Marin Bucer (Bucer-chan)

Mizuno Simons (Simons-chan)

Very cool, right? I’m overwhelmed with a desire to watch moe anime and nail theses to a door.

Give krakocloud a follow over on Tumblr, where lots of other original characters are posted, and check out this direct link to the entire “Let’s Reformation” series.

3 thoughts on “Reformation-chan is so Kawaii

  1. This series jumped the shark with the Munster arc, that Joan Leiden-san character was incoherent and her plan was so jumbled and bonkers it was the clear the author was just making things up as the story went along.

    I’d recommend checking out the spin-off series “Ad Majorem”, which follows the adventures of the SOJ Brigade as they try to fix the school from within. The club president Loyo-san acts like this very straight-laced and studious girl, but there are rumors that before she enrolled she was a legendary delinquent who only passed the entrance exams because she studied her butt off while she was in the hospital after a major fight with Valois Academy. He club VP is a total otaku and chuni who calls herself “X-Chan”, she spent a lot of time in Japan and in some ways never came back.

    OK, I’m probably putting more thought into this than I should, and I kind of feel like I owe the Roman Church an apology…

  2. Super cool! Never seen this before, I hope they do a manga, I would buy it 🙂 “That Time The Reformers Changed The World By Reforming The Catholic Church” or something 🙂

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