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Hey, folks,

Thank you for being a reader of Beneath the Tangles. By even perusing our articles, you become part of our community, helping our mission (or maybe being aided by it?) to reach otaku, both believers and those who aren’t. Many of you do even more by following and interacting with us on other platforms, volunteering directly with us, engaging others by pointing toward us, or just encouraging our staff. To all of you, thank you. As we sometimes struggle with doubts, fears, and insecurities, you are helping us point toward God in a meaningful and warm way.

A number of our partners have also contributed financially to us, either by an on-going means or during sometime in the past. Primarily, these funds help us pay for our web platforms, reimburse our staff for costs incurred as they develop content, and pay for social media campaigns that help us expand our reach. In one sense, as our staff works to develop depth of relationship, donations allow us to do both that more effectively and to expand the breadth of what we do, a critical part of our mission to grow big for a big God.

If you’re not currently giving, would you consider doing so today? We have tiers on Patreon that start as little as $1 a month:

Each tier opens up new “rewards,” which are all about deeper engagement with the mission—early access to articles, thank you videos from myself or special guests, and even membership in our staff-only Discord.

My ask today is that you pray about and consider taking the step toward financially supporting our community. Every dollar makes a difference as we strive toward a community that glorifies Christ by supporting Jesus-loving otaku and sharing our faith and passion for anime with those that don’t believe.

Thank you, and God bless!

~ Twwk

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