Thank You for Giving to Beneath the Tangles

As 2021 comes to an end, there are so many folks I need to thank, including our passionate and tireless volunteer staff and all the wonderful folks out there that support us by reading, liking, and commenting on our content. But today, I particularly want to thank our patrons, those who donate monthly to support this ministry. From Ninja Academy level ($1) up to Kage ($25+), every bit given by our patrons helps us as we pursue our mission, and has directly impacted the content we develop and the audience that follows along.

Thank you, patrons, from the bottom of my heart. Here’s a list of our current patrons by tier:

Kage ($25+)

Bob A.
Casey C.*
Judy L.*

Jounin ($10)

Claire K.*
David C.
Frank S.*

Chuunin ($5)

Austin T.
Nathan A.

Genin ($2)

Edward G.
Gene K.
Jennifer C.
Josh K.*
Teddi D.

Ninja Academy ($1)


If in 2022, you would like to also support us financially, I encourage you to consider becoming a patron. Please head over to our Patreon account and if you feel compelled, please join us. Thank you!

* denotes a current or former staff member

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