How About This New Year’s Resolution? Join Our Ministry!

Hey you. Yes, YOU. Are you someone deeply devoted to Christ? Are you looking to use your skills, talents, and interests to serve God? Are you an anime fan?

Wait, what? If I didn’t lose you with either the first set of questions about faith, or that last question about being a nerd, then perhaps God is opening a door for you to become part of our ministry here at Beneath the Tangles, where our vision is as follows:

Beneath the Tangles is developing a transformative community where our staff members can use their passion for anime and Japanese media; love for God and for people; and skills and talents to grow into brand that is well-known and regarded among anime fans in order to facilitate a mission to reach out to the otaku community and share the gospel message through our words and actions, thereby participating in Christ’s command to teach about faith and make disciples, and care for the church by offering authentic and loving support to Christian believers who are part of the otaku community.

We’re looking for individuals to fill five specific roles as volunteers for us. Each is critical for helping us grow in how we can reach out to a population in need of Christ. Each also requires a heart dedicated to loving God and loving others, and most require a passion for anime, too.

There’s no application form available, but if interested, please email me (Twwk) directly, or message me on Twitter or Instagram.

Here are brief descriptions of the five positions:

  • YouTuber: We’d love to have an engaging and consistent presence on our YouTube channel. That could be through a usual vlog, an anime news broadcast, or any of a number of other approaches. We also have need for someone to be the administrator of our account.
  • Podcasters: We’ve had several iterations of the TangleCast, our successful podcast platform. Our last crew retired about a year ago, and we’d love to start a new crew consisting of 2-4 podcasters and an editor. Again, a consistent output is necessary, as is attention to detail and preparation, comfort in front of a mic, and chemistry with fellow podcasters. Audio editing takes a lot of time, but can be learned if one has the patience for it.
  • Graphic Designer: We have weekly columns that could use a nice graphic banner, as well as annual events, like our Anime March Madness tournament and the 12 Days of Christmas Anime that could use the same. Someone with excellent graphic design skills, a love of anime, and strong attention to detail and time management skills would be a wonderful addition to our team!
  • Pollster: We’d love to engage our our social media followers daily with polls across our platforms! This individual should be plugged into the anime scene—well-rounded and up to date with anime news—and comfortable in using various social media platforms. Our AniMarch Madness tournament is the major project for this position each year.
  • Accountant: As we raise money and plan to transition one day into non-profit ministry status, an accountant willing to donate time for advice and accounting purposes would be a helpful addition to the team, now but more primarily for the long run.
  • Attorney: As with the accountant position, we’re looking for an attorney to help guide us now and into the future, willing to donate time to our cause. Questions about intellectual property and non-profit questions are those most likely to come up.

Thanks, everyone, for your interest! Send me a message if you’d like to discuss any of these openings! God bless!

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