Androids, Friendship, and Song: Video Interview with Sing a Bit of Harmony’s Kamen Casey, Jordan Dash Cruz, and Caitlin Glass

This weekend, a lovely anime musical about an android transfer student and the lives she impacts sneaks into theaters. Sing a Bit of Harmony, a J.C. Staff production getting a North American release by Funimation, opens on January 23rd and ends its limited run on the 26th. It’s a charming and well-made film, and we encourage you to go check it out!

But don’t take our word for it! We recently sat with the movie’s ADR director, Caitlin Glass and two members of its cast—Jordan Dash Cruz, who voices low-key genius, Toma, and Kamen Casey, who brings life to the earnest judo practitioner, “Thunder,” to chat about the film. Check out our wide-ranging conversation below where we talk about what makes this movie special and along the way, find out a few other things—like how Kamen can sing Lynyrd Skynyrd; about Jordan’s step out in faith; and Caitlin’s recommendation of the moment for Kdramas!

Enjoy the video (and please subscribe)!

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3 thoughts on “Androids, Friendship, and Song: Video Interview with Sing a Bit of Harmony’s Kamen Casey, Jordan Dash Cruz, and Caitlin Glass

  1. I watched the whole thing and loved it! I have been a Caitlin Glass fan for a long time, as her name kept popping up attached to productions I have enjoyed. This was my first time hearing from Kamen and Jordan and it was a real treat! I just love this kind of behind-the-scenes stuff. And this movie has struck a chord with me (pun intended) since the day I heard about it.

    I have worked with plenty of voice talent in my career, including some big names you would recognize from anime and games. And you know what? They are my favorite people ever. I have always bonded with them instantly. And in the corporate world, I have been their fiercest protector.

    If I didn’t live in such a horrendous area of COVID spread I would be in that theater for this dub. I will pre-order the Blu-Ray the minute I can.

    Also, I look forward to Claire doing a deep-dive blogpost someday and teasing out all the hidden spiritual teachings in this one! I have a feeling she’ll find them. 😀

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