Help Select our “Bubble Anime” For AniMarch Madness 2022!

AniMarch Madness, where you decide the anime to rule them all by voting on our social media platforms, begins in under two weeks, on February 28th! We’re nearing our selection of the final anime, but need your help deciding who makes those last few spots!

This tournament is based on the NCAA basketball championship tournament, and playing along those same lines, we have “bubble teams.” As the RL tournament nears, experts talk about those teams that are on the edge, that may or may not get in. We have anime that fits this same category—while they all “deserve” to make it in according to my book, most will find themself out simply because we don’t have enough room and because most have underperformed in the past.

Still, we’d like to get your input before final decisions are made and the bracket is posted here this coming Monday. These sixteen anime are on the bubble—pick up to three in each poll that you’d love to see make the tourney!

We’ll see you hear next week as we let you know the entrants, tell you the rules, and gear up for the tournament!

Featured illustration by jonsun (reprinted w/permission)

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