AniMarch Madness 2022: Round 2, Day 1

Welcome to the second round of AniMarch Madness 2022, our annual one-on-one anime tournament you vote to determine the outcomes of each match, round by round, until only the champion remains! Week two starts now, but first, a quick review of round one!

Last week, we featured 32 matches, with half of the 64 competing anime eliminated. Many of the matches went down to the wire, but it was almost scratch, with nearly every favorite winning their match as determined by a combined more than 13,000 votes!

This week, 32 anime will be cut to sixteen as you vote on four matches each day through Thursday.

Here’s how our bracket looks after one round:

And now, for the first four matches of round two!

These polls are open for 24 hours. Vote here, and then vote again, if you’d like, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Discord!

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