Cosplay Beat…the Summer Heat at the Pool with Nezuko!

This was such a fun set!!! I needed a swimsuit for a work function and figured I’d get something cosplay-able to knock out two birds with one stone. I really love the feel-good, summer fun aesthetic we were able to pull off. And the video (scroll to the bottom) makes me think of a “core memory” moment and makes me feel happy inside. I loved Abi’s idea to start with Nezuko trying to come out of the box and Tanjiro giving her a sun hat to protect her from the sun. I know this wouldn’t be canon but c’mon! IS IT NOT AN ADORABLE CONCEPT!? 😆

Tanjiro is portrayed by Genna Cat (make sure to congratulate her because she just announced that she’s pregnant!! and yes… she is pregnant in these photos and TOTALLY glowing!!) and shout out to her parents for letting us use their pool! Abisai captured the vision perfectly! He also designed and printed the cute little bubblegum eye popsicles!! So blessed to be surrounded by so many amazing and talented people! 💖

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One thought on “Cosplay Beat…the Summer Heat at the Pool with Nezuko!

  1. This cosplay was so cute! (Makes me want to go to the beach!) I LOVE the little popsicles!!!

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