Guys, I Think We Figured Out TikTok

While Beneath the Tangles began as a simple blog, we’ve over the years embraced other media as our mission and vision have evolved. We post screencaps and videos on Instagram, for instance, and we’re on a variety of different platforms. But one has been a bit confounding to us is that bastion of meme videos and teens doing silly things: TikTok.

Well, if you’ve paid attention to our account there, you’ve noticed us making a go at it this past month. Our soft launch is over and we have now officially opened* the Beneath the Tangles TikTok to the public!

As if to welcome us, one of our recent videos got a lot of play on the platform:

We’re super blessed to have Luke, a member of our BtT prayer team, lead our efforts on the platform. He’s doing a great job, though we are looking for additional team members to help him out. Let us know if you’re interested!

And we also humbly request that all of you who have TikTok accounts give us a follow! We’ve got plenty of anime goodness in store for you, and we’d love for you to join us for the ride!

Follow us on TikTok!

*It would be more accurate to call this a relaunch, as we experimented a bit with this account in the past.

Featured illustration by Luo. (reprinted w/permission)


4 thoughts on “Guys, I Think We Figured Out TikTok

  1. I think Instagram was when I stopped keeping up with all the new social media websites. I don’t understand how they work.

    1. Haha yeah, I get you. There’s a learning curve to every new platform: You have to decide whether its worth struggling through.

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