A Renewed Mission at Beneath the Tangles

Dear Followers,

As happens with all brands and organizations, Beneath the Tangles has undergone change over the years, most profoundly when I left the blog I started several years ago, and then when I returned about 18 months later. During my absence, the site grew tremendously under the leadership of JP, Annalyn, and Kaze, while I started work on a new brand—Anime Pop Heart. When I came back, I brought those brands together, which resulted in a lot of changes—some good, and some bad.

To help Beneath the Tangles thrive as a brand, we’re returning to what made it beloved by our subscribers, a more explicit focus on faith, while allowing Anime Pop Heart to continue it’s mission as a separate brand. To achieve this, we’ve expanded our mission statement and vision:

Beneath the Tangles bridges the gap between anime fans and the Christian church by discussing Christianity as expressed through anime, supporting and loving Christian anime fans, and demonstrating faith through interaction with our readers.

Beneath the Tangles is developing a community where our staff members can use their passion for anime and Japanese media; love for God and for people; and skills and talents to reach out to the English-speaking otaku community and share the gospel message through our words and actions, participating in the Christ’s command to teach about faith and make disciples, and care for the church by supporting Christian believers who are part of the otaku community.

You’ll see changes in our content here, but not much—and all, I believe, for the good. I’ve already mentioned the stronger focus on Christianity in our writing as we seek to reach out to our Christians readers as much as non-Christians. That focus will find its way to our social media platforms as well.

Anime Pop Heart will change as well. That brand has its own main platforms on Tumblr and Instagram, but will expand its reach to other social media sites as well. Additionally, you’ll find us more focused on emphasizing that brand on Tumblr, which doubles as our website as well as a blog for APH.

Ultimately, I think you’ll better and stronger content with this renewed focus, and we hope you’ll continue to join us for the ride.

God bless,


5 thoughts on “A Renewed Mission at Beneath the Tangles

  1. That’s really good! Give it all you’ve got!
    デク(Deku) ———> You can do it! 😉

  2. Man it’s been forever since I was on here. My ashesreignited account got deleted by wordpress and I got busy. I had to give up crunchyroll for a while. It’s good to hear that you weren’t gone for too long. I hope to get involved in reading and commenting on post. i have missed the camaraderie of the shared interest of Anime and Faith.

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