Doki Doki News and the Tangle x Cast Join Together on SoundCloud

Our two podcasts, Doki Doki News and the new Tangle x Cast, are now on the same SoundCloud platform! Subscribe to Beneath the Tangles on SoundCloud

to hear weekly episodes of Doki Doki News, our gaming, anime, and manga newscast, and bimonthly episodes of Tangle x Cast, where our team looks at anime from a faith perspective!

If you already follow Doki Doki News, you don’t have to do a thing. You’ll now get Tangle x Cast episodes along with your weekly newscast. But if you follow the Tangle x Cast account (or don’t follow either), you’ll need to subscribe to the new account.

We’re excited for you to hear our teams on a more regular basis through this consolidation!


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