Thank You, Patrons!

One of the most unexpected blessings I’ve received from Beneath the Tangles is to witness how money, when given with love and in a worshipful manner, can be an encouraging and wonderful thing. In 2022, I’ve experienced so much joy and blessing as our Patrons and others have sacrificially given to us and supported our ministry. They are our very partners in our mission, and just as with Paul when he thanks those who have donated to him and others, my heart overflows in thankfulness to our givers.

As this year nears its end, I want to thank all our current Patrons. One of our membership perks is to list all our givers at the end of the year, and though they are a humble bunch and wouldn’t care for me to post this, I still want to do so to let you know about these wonderful supporters of our work.

And if you desire to give to us, I definitely encourage you to pray on it and to join in if you feel led to. Your funding helps us reach new audiences for Christ and develop our community here at Beneath the Tangles.


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