Cosplay Beats! Thorn Princess Yor

When you all voted for casual Yor Forger during our special pick the cosplay post last year, it ended up performing really well! I figured that if you liked casual Yor, you would alsoappreciate Thorn Princess Yor as well… so here she is!

I found this costume for $20 on Black Friday (see, I told you I went a little crazy on Black Friday!) which is a total STEAL for cosplays! I couldn’t resist the opportunity. Chris Juengel did an incredible job finding the location (Orbit Studios) and helping me bring the character to life. We had a lot of fun with this set!

I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

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4 thoughts on “Cosplay Beats! Thorn Princess Yor

  1. The makeup work is on point, the costume, the background and camerawork. IMO this may be your best one yet.

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