AniMarch Madness 2023: Elite Eight

The Sweet Sixteen is complete and we’re on to the Endless Eight! Er, the Elite Eight! No, no endless loop here, folks. Your votes over the next 24 hours will determine which of these eight series move on to Monday’s Final Four matchups!

And boy, are these matches today a doozy! Three #1 seeds made it through, including newcomer Spy x Family, while just one number two made it (Demon Slayer). Cinderella stories abound, including Bleach (7), Re:Zero (8), and the biggest surprise of all, Bocchi the Rock (11), which did the improbably and took down Chainsaw Man last round. Even Kaguya-sama is a surprise, having beaten last year’s runner-up, Fruits Basket, and preventing a rematch of the championship with Violet Evergarden this round.

Here’s the updated bracket:

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