Tangle x Cast 14: Spy x Family Moments (Season 1)

Would you believe that not all our podcasters have seen Spy x Family? For shame! We had to correct that—after all, the series was not only one of our top anime of 2022, but it also won our AniMarch Madness tournament this year! Ithileryn joins Mike, Paris, and Tyler once again as the team digs into the moments from season one that impacted them and made them think more deeply about faith. Come listen and respond by answering our Cast Question!

0:00 Introduction and Naruto Cast Question results
2:15 Favorite Spy x Family Moments (Season 1)
2:39 Discussion—Eden Academy and our outward appearances
9:54 Discussion—Restraint and unforgiveness at Eden Academy
13:09 Discussion—The duty to protect children
21:33 Discussion—The Pharisees of Eden Academy and looking at the heart
28:23 Discussion—Hiding yourself, hiding your faith
35:51 Cast Question
40:19 Closing

Cast Question

Which Forger family power or ability would you most like to have (spoiler for season two)?

A. Loid (super spy)
B. Yor (smooth assassin)
C. Anya (telepathy: read minds)
D. Bond (precognition: see into the near future)

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