First Impression: Level 1 Demon Lord & One Room Hero

Max the hero leads a party of adventurers in defeating the demon lord, who swears to return one day in vengeance. Flash forward ten years, and the demon lord is reborn in an obnoxious chibi form. The demon lord’s secretary Zenia plays dress-up with her diminutive boss because…reasons? Then the demon lord blasts off to go see what Max is up to these days, and finds he’s become a cynical, bitter, shut-in, womanizing, drunken, porn-using slob. Cue reactions of shock and outrage from the demon lord that his hated rival has fallen so low. The demon lord demands a rematch in the future, then makes hotpot, because he’s appointed himself Max’s caretaker.

Eww, that was a chore. I’ll have you know I’ve done the public a service by enduring that mess so you don’t have to. This episode is supposed to be funny, and it’s just not. Well, okay, to be fair, there was maybe one joke that was actually amusing. Credit where credit’s due. Otherwise the “humor” is crude and tasteless and just dumb, and there’s a bunch of gratuitous fanservice thanks to Zenia that doesn’t help. Also, the visuals were kind of weirdly blurry, but since I didn’t care about anything that was happening, it was fine if I couldn’t see it well. Do yourself a favor and don’t watch this because it seriously has no redeeming value.

Level 1 Demon Lord & One Room Hero is streaming on HIDIVE, not that it matters, since you don’t want to waste your life watching this terrible anime.


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