First Impression: Masamune-kun’s Revenge R

Now that the class play is over, it’s time for Masamune-kun and co. to move on to the next arc! Masamune-kun’s Revenge adds the letter “R” to the end of its title in this sequel season, which of course stands for…France? Maybe it’s a double revenge? Regardless, that’s where Masamune, Aki, and the rest are heading for a school trip (apparently). And although his initially simple tactics to get revenge on the girl who shunned him when he was younger and chubbier have become a lot more complex as relationships have developed in unexpected ways, Masamune still intends to carry out his “Dead or Love Plan” in order to humiliate Aki. But nothing in Masamune’s world is simple, and the city of Paris adds a further complication with a girl named Muriel whose quest to become a mangaka may draw Aki and Masamune together more intimately. That last bit is exactly what Masamune doesn’t want to happen if it means he’ll start caring for Aki again, because then he’ll have to kiss his whole revenge plan au revoir!

It’s hard to believe it’s only been six years since the original Masamune-kun’s Revenge aired. It feels as if it’s been so much longer. I had to read through episode summaries to refamiliarize myself with the series. I didn’t particularly like season one, but will admit that what it had going for it then is the same as what it has going for it now: a kind of frenetic energy that covers up for the silly contrivances and a protagonist just on the near side of “too obnoxious to root for.” In fact, all four major characters now (subtracting Neko, whose arc has finished)—Masamune, Aki, Yoshino, and Kanetsugu—are super annoying. Kanetsugu, though, at least gives us something to work with in this opening episode as a couple of things about him are revealed (or maybe just reemphasized—I honestly cannot remember!); one of those reveals is quite unexpected. My attitude toward the other three might begin to thaw, too, when their characters soften a bit, which I think is starting to happen at this point in the series. The Paris setting should help, too, I suppose. While I’m not typically a fan of shows going on the road for an entire season (flashbacks of the terrible Paris season of Nodame Cantabile come to mind), the original school setting honestly didn’t do much for season one, so I can give this attempt at something new a pass. I admit, also, that this episode does have me intrigued about how the season will develop. Even though I expect that I’ll guffaw and roll my eyes through it all, the character growth, relationship development, and focus on the lovely supporting characters that I expect in season two might turn me around on this series.

Masamune-kun’s Revenge R can be streamed on Crunchyroll.


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