First Impression: The Dreaming Boy is A Realist

Boy (Wataru) likes Girl (Aika). Girl rejects Boy—repeatedly and emphatically. Boy decides to take Girl at her word, accept that she’s out of his league, and stop pursuing her. Literally everyone else freaks out over Boy’s shocking (?) change in behavior. Second Girl (Rena) starts talking to Boy. Third Girl (Kei) berates Boy for being a womanizer (despite him not actually being in a relationship with First Girl and barely even knowing Second Girl). Third Girl reveals that Second Girl already has a boyfriend. Turns out Second Girl recently broke up with Boyfriend, and wants revenge, but then quickly makes up with said boyfriend instead? Boy’s older sister shows up and seems likely to be somehow significant.

This episode strongly implies that Aika is going to turn out to be a tsundere who didn’t actually hate Wataru’s attention nearly as much as she indicated. The path forward from here probably involves Wataru and Aika working through their misunderstandings and mistakes in comedic fashion. And you know, I think I’m on board with that (at least enough to give the show a couple more episodes). This is yet another high school romcom, and it has no qualities that particularly distinguish it from the rest of its genre, but it does its thing well enough to be mildly enjoyable.

The Dreaming Boy is A Realist is streaming on HIDIVE.

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