First Impression: Sweet Reincarnation

Have you ever wanted a sweet that was to die for? Well, in Sweet Reincarnation that’s exactly what happens to our main protagonist. He is vying for the role of top pastry chef, but when he presents his creation to the judges, it accidentally falls on top of him! So instead of our usual Truck-kun sending our hero to another world, he’s done in by a flamboyant dessert. He is given another chance by a nameless deity and is reborn in a medieval-ish village. His father is a skilled swordsman, while his mother takes care of him and his sisters, who, to his dismay, like to cross-dress him as a girl. Now known as Pastry (or Pas for short), our reincarnated chef spends most of his time dreaming of making the pastries he still remembers, but he doesn’t have access to the ingredients he needs where he lives, which is the middle of nowhere. Trouble is coming to their area, however, and Pas has to undergo the Sanctification Ritual to enter into manhood and prepare to defend the land from bandits. Part of the ritual is to gauge his magic level, which of course is off the charts, because isekai. He joins his father and fellow villagers to plan an attack against the bandits headed their way, with Pas leading the other children in a distraction, attacking with stones, while his father and an ally sneak attack from behind. Episode two ends with a victory over the thieves and Pas proving himself as someone you don’t want to mess with, since he single-handedly took down the bandit leader with a magic spell.

The anime started interestingly enough: it’s intriguing to see how a pastry chef would endure in another world, trying to recreate the delicacies he used to bake in his past life. His journey to make people happy through recipes full of sugar continues even in this new life. The series premiered with two episodes though, and by episode two I felt that the story had lost its way—so much so that it hardly mentions the original point of Pas’ mission: making delicious treats for others to enjoy. I wanted to see more of his baking skills in action. Instead, he becomes a general of sorts, organizing the village to fight back against marauding bandits. If the story was going to be about battles, strategies, and even magic, then that’s fine, but this is supposed to be a series about sweets! Maybe in later episodes, the main plot will become clear; but thus far, I was left with my mouth watering, and I don’t expect to be given what I ordered.

You can stream Sweet Reincarnation on Crunchyroll.


3 thoughts on “First Impression: Sweet Reincarnation

  1. Oh, that’s too bad. I was kind of looking forward to a cute isekai about a pastry chef baking all sorts of tasty things. Kind of like the manhwa The Villainess Princess Dreams of Gingerbread.

    1. I haven’t heard of the one you mentioned but yeah, you don’t get what you expect going into this anime. Maybe later episodes are different? I went in blind so I have no idea what happens next 🙂

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