Video: Anime Expo 2023 in Review!

Our video editor, Ryan, and Instagram admin, Joseph, had a blast at Anime Expo this year! Here’s a short video of what they saw during the several-day event on the 4th of July weekend.

Check out other videos like this on our Instagram account and TikTok, and be anticipating a full report from our other man on the ground, T.R., in the weeks ahead!

Thank you to everyone who allowed us to take photos and videos of you! Here are the folks we have accounts for: jacyee_bloo (Yorha 9s), masapuff (Yorha 2b), Ryan Bowdre (Dark Pit), helloiambird (Gundam), Hamu (Ai), and Sam (Hawks). Help us by letting us know the accounts for everyone else!

See y’all next year!

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