Cast Question: How Would You Approach a Zombie Apocalypse?

On this week’s Tangle x Cast episode, the crew discusses Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead, which follows a black company employee and others as they navigate a zombie apocalypse. During their discussion, our group got to thinking about how they would do in a similar disaster. Here’s how Mike and Paris see it:

There’s actually a whole lot more than this funny segment. We encourage you to give the entire episode a listen and also respond! And we also want to ask you to answer our Cast Question for the episode:

How would you approach a zombie apocalypse?

We’d love to hear how you’d try to survive if most of the world suddenly turned undead. Maybe we’ll get some pointers from you…or maybe we’ll just hear about your idiosyncracies, which is fun, too! Let us know your thoughts in the comments and we might read your response in a future episode.

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One thought on “Cast Question: How Would You Approach a Zombie Apocalypse?

  1. Hmmm wow I don’t know if I would last! If I make any small mistake, slip up, or even walk into the wrong room/place I’m a goner so I suppose I would do like most and hide, stock up on what I can, and analyze the situation to see if they have any weakspots I can exploit and try to go somewhere without zombies. If not, I’ll be Jesus pretty soon!

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