Fall Campaign: Would You Become a Regular Giver at Beneath the Tangles?

Thank you. For thirteen years, Beneath the Tangles has been combining a love for Christ with a passion for anime, and it’s been you, our readers, who have kept us going, week after week and year after year. We are here because God is working to build community for you.

So thank you! It’s so much fun for us to serve you.

As 2023 draws to an end, though, we do have financial needs that you can help us meet so that we can continue our quality of work in this ministry. Beneath the Tangles is not a non-profit, but the funds given to us don’t go into our pockets; they’re used to directly support our mission in various ways:

  • To fund social media campaigns that inform others about our ministry
  • To pay for website and other digital expenses
  • To help our staff create content through subscriptions and cost reimbursements
  • To fund giveaways and contests

Our goal for our annual campaign, which starts today and runs through December 1st, is to reach $250 of monthly, sustained gifts. To reach that goal, we need supporters to donate through Patreon where our levels are all Naruto-based, from Ninja Academy and Genin levels, which are $1 and $2 a month respectively, up to our Kage $25-a-month level.

Please consider becoming a patron for us through Patreon. You can visit our account at. You can also give monthly through Ko-Fi. Either works for us, and we are appreciative of all gifts!

We also have a one-time giving goal this year of $250. You can give a one-time gift through Patreon, Ko-Fi, or Paypal.

While we depend most of all on prayer and the effort of our staff, financial contributions are also vital in our mission to spread the gospel to all otakudom. We don’t have much to give you in return—no pledge gifts, no special statuses, no great rewards—but our hope is that you’re giving for the same reasons that we’re participating in this ministry: to be part of something unique and fantastic in God’s redeeming plan for the world, including for us nerds and geeks that love anime!

Again, these are the ways you can give:

  • Patreon: Our patrons give monthly. We do offer several tiers with small rewards, and are encouraged by those that are able to donate regularly to us, which helps Beneath the Tangles plan for the future. You can also give a one-time gift.
  • Ko-Fi: A great platform for a one-time gift, Ko-Fi is where we fund individual projects but it’s also just an easy place to send us a donation if you’re so inclined! Ko-Fi also accepts monthly donations.
  • PayPal: The easiest way to give might be through PayPal! Send us a one-time gift any time you’d like!

Would you help us reach our goals ($250 monthly and $250 in one-time gifts) and further our ministry? We encourage you to pray on this and donate if you’re able. May God bless you, whatever you decide, and we hope you’ll continue to be a part of our community and of what God is doing here at Beneath the Tangles!


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