Have you been watching SSSS.Dynazenon? While I love the characters, insights, and animation in both that show and SSSS.Gridman, the S^4 series have remained a hard sell for me, and this even though my earliest memories of anime (and TV in general) include another giant robot series, Voltron. In fact, it’s the whole giant robot… Read More SSSS.(Your)Dynazenon

Newman’s Nook: Goku the Absent Father

Goku’s tenacity, desire to defend the helpless, and incredible strength make him one of anime’s most admirable characters. But not everything about Goku is so praiseworthy, specifically not his parenting skills. Throughout the Dragon Ball manga, Goku appears to care for and love his family—however, he’s constantly absent from his children’s lives. He missed most… Read More Newman’s Nook: Goku the Absent Father