Christian Fanart: Beautiful Doodle

Good Friday morning, everyone!  I typically give a rundown of two or three of the top anime-related stories of the week on Fridays.  Unfortunately, I’m out of town and unable to do so this week, so instead I give you something better.  Below is a piece of art from Beau Soir’s blog.  She’s a wonderful artist and I hope you enjoy!

Christian anime drawing

Artist’s reflections: 
I was having lot of doubts about my art skill, so I didn’t feel up to working on a full-scale art. I decided to instead doodle quickly while being driven by music (Skillet in this case) and to get rid of those negative emotions holding me back. The characters just happened to be those from a story I’m working on, and the Bible verse I included for encouragement to myself and anyone who might see it.

I’ve also been trying to include God into my life more, as He should be the center of my life. I’ve recently had some struggles with anime and video games taking up too much of my time, so I thought that it would be a great idea to put a verse somewhere where I know I’d see it as a simple way of not getting too distracted by stuff during my daily life. The specific reference, John 8:12, came to mind when I looked at the candle on my desk/in my drawing and thought of the child’s Christian song “This Little Light of Mine” that I used to sing along with handle motions of my index finger as a candle’s wick.

For more of Beau Soir, please visit her blog and DeviantArt.


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