Anime and Manga Bloggers: I Need Your Help!

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I’m working on a project about anime and religion among anime and manga bloggers.  To do so, I’ve created a short survey (10-15) that I would love for bloggers to complete.  Anyone who has blogged about anime and manga is welcome to fill out the survey form.  I have already emailed or otherwise contacted many of you, and will continue to spread this link in the coming days.  If I’ve missed you, please forgive me – I may be in the process of getting a tweet to you or I may have just missed the contact information on you site.  Or, maybe I haven’t discovered you yet (I’m finding awesome blogs on a weekly basis, still).

Please fill out the survey (link below) by Christmas Eve.  Thank you so much for your time!

Survey on Anime/Manga and Religion


10 thoughts on “Anime and Manga Bloggers: I Need Your Help!

  1. I took your survey, but I found it to be poorly designed, and left several questions blank because I could not find answers I agreed with. The “pick descriptive words” sections in particular were highly biased towards specific stereotypes; I think the choices offered will force respondents towards the points-of-view that you have built into the survey rather than addressing the opinions they actually hold. A free-response segment would probably be helpful in this regard.

    Also, the questions were occasionally unclear (e.g., when you ask about descriptions of Christ, do you mean as represented in the Bible, the putative historical person, popular depictions, one’s personal image…?). Finally, the science-and-religion section is a bit too much of a blunt instrument; it makes a significant difference whether you define “Christianity” as biblical literalism, as church doctrine (of which flavor?), as a moral system, etc.

  2. I found a lot of the questions really hard to answer. Most of the free response especially, so I kind of just left them blank.

    Also, the questions on science and religion are also a bit tough…

    Anyways, I look forward to what you’re going to do with this data.

    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to fill it out, even if it was difficult. I really value your response as a blogger I very much respect. 🙂

  3. I just finished the test. There were less question about anime than I expected and lots about religion.
    I’ll be looking for the results 🙂

  4. whoa, i totally forgot. I even put a star on it in my mail so I’d remember. I only remembered when you linked that ROD post :|. Will certainly accomplish this before Christmas Eve 🙂

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