Spirituality in the Anime Blogosphere: Fractale System as God

Fractale just started airing in Japan (lucky for us, Funimation is simulcasting the series, with episodes appearing just hours after premiering!).  The first episode was nothing at all like I expected, which isn’t entirely a bad thing.

One surpring element in the first episode had to do witht he idea that the Fractale system had become a god in society.  Not only reminiscient of organized, state-required religion (there are similarities to Islam in religiously conservative countries like Saudi Arabia), the system also reminds me of North Korea, where the divine leader is even projected as part of a triune God – Kim Jong-Il is the “son,” his father (and the first leader of North Korea) is the “father,” and the state is the “holy spirit,” if I remember correctly.

Ghostlighting of We Remember Love goes into further detail about the religious ideas (and other themes) from the first episode.  Take a read!

Fractale 01: The Looming End of Our Fantasies


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  1. Well, it makes sense that they would see the Fractal system as a god. Although you cannot see the servers in the sky, it seems a verifiable fact that the Fractal system has created this comfortable life that humans have. Plus, you have way fewer rules to adhere to and Fractal doesn’t get all moody like other gods. What’s not to like?

    1. Well, for one…the first episode infers that there’s an emotional disconnect, right? Clain doesn’t seem to enjoy being around people, as evidenced by keeping home videos only for hobby purposes (could he be hurt by not being in physical proximity with loving parents?). He lives a very lonely existence. The Fractale systems seems to be taking away physical human contact, which is an important part of emotional contact.

      In Christianity, it’s also difficult to make an emotional contact with an invisible God. However, generally times of greatest “spiritual growth” coincide with feelings that one is connecting with God on this emotional level. Relationships are central to Christianity, which is often by Christians will refer to their faith as a “relationship with God” rather than a religion.

      I’m really interested to see where this goes…what is the Fractale system really? And what other relationship does the system have to a god? It’s definitely an intriguing series…

  2. Fractal as a god is interesting as it evokes the idea of idols — Christians often label money as an idol one can get obsessed with and worship. In the same way, Fractal gives people what they need on earth so people are focused on it instead.

    The idea of providing basic necessities (e.g. money) is also interesting as it parallels a practice in Roman Republican times. The standard practice is for rich Roman leaders to give poor Roman citizens a “wage” for doing nothing in return for their vote in the assembly. One can see that in the same way, Fractal gave the people a wage in return for their worship as well as political power (as Fractal system most definitely rules over the people).

    1. You definitely make a good parallel about idols. The Fractale system provides for what people need, physically. But emotionally and spiritually? I have a feeling that system’s lack of fulfillment for the earlier, if not also the latter, will be a theme of the story.

      Also, thanks for the information about the parallel to Rome. Really interesting! I think the setup behind this series is going to make for a lot of interesting discussion!

  3. I’m about ten days late to this party, but as I mentioned elsewhere, I just watched the first two episodes. I am not nearly as advanced as the rest of you, since I am still trying to figure out if Clain actually has parents and a dog or not, and if he does, where they are.

    But this is exactly what I like about watching anime: everything doesn’t have to make sense all at once. I have another friend who would keep asking me a zillion questions while watching anime. The two answers I’d use most often were, “If it’s important, we’ll find out why later on,” and “It just is.”

    That being said, I tend to agree with one post on the WRL blog, saying that in the first episode at least, the style or intent seemed to jump around quite a lot. I am less prepared to say that about the second episode. Either way, if the answers to my current questions are important, I’ll find out later on. 🙂

    1. Well, you’re not behind everyone – you’re ahead of me in the case of “Fractale.” I’m watching the new shows this season by legal means, so I’ve put myself behind a little to see Fractale, Wandering Son, and Infinite Stratos.

      As for We Remember Love…you might want to look through some of his entries as time permits. The author is a real smart guy and is a former (committed) Christian with real interesting views on religion.

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