Cons Join Together to Create AnimeAid

AnimeAid is among the latest groups in the U.S. otaku community that are playing a visible role in raising funds for the Japanese earthquake victims.  A joint venture between major conventions in the Washington DC area, AnimeAid seeks to commit “to the task of assisting fan based support initiatives throughout the area to maximize the impact  in assisting the people of Japan.”  The group’s activities include:

  • aiding organizations in sharing their plans with others
  • helping to  consolidate activities to allow for effective outreach
  • and mitigating the costs involved in charitable efforts

The AnimeAid website provides further details, including contact information and details about campaigns and initiaitives the organization is supporting.  If you’re interested in working with AnimeAid, please visit the site.

Thanks to Lauren Orsini for informing me about this wonderful venture.


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