Music Review: All We Have Is Now by Cait Plage

All We Have Is NowAll We Have is Now
Cait Plage
Release Date: 3.29.11

On her website, Cait Plage says, “My one goal in life is to share God’s love with you. My days, hours, and moments are numbered and I want to make them count.  All I really have is now!”

This theme is ever-present on Plage’s newest release, aptly titled All We Have Is Now.  Her second major release, the five-track EP conveys Plage’s heart through honest lyrics and messages that God wants her to convey.  What does this have to do with anime or manga?  Well, in addition to being a music artist, Cait Plage also was an amateur voice actor.  But it couldn’t be clearer that her true calling is in music.

The title track of the EP is a melodic pop tune that asks the listener if their “lifetime was only a day” would they “take it or waste it?”  She likewise asks us to live life to the fullest in “Live Love Loud,” which wisely instructs us to “just be who you are and not who they tell you.”

But Plage isn’t afraid to explore darker themes.  Her new single, “Pieces,” is about the frustration of falling romantically for a person who’s wrong for you.  “In Your Arms” explores a relationship that’s grown cold.  And in “Loaded Gun,” Plage opines, “I’m tired of the faking/presenting everyone’s happy that everything’s fine.”  In our Monday interview with Cait, she told us a bit about the emotional experience of writing that song, which about being disobedient to God – “It came 100% from my heart and 0% from my head… and I cried, a lot, as I wrote it.”

Plage’s messages are accessible and relevant, whether listeners are Christian or not.  Like a number of Christian artists, she avoids lyrics directly referencing God and Jesus.  And in a way, the songs are all the more powerful because of that decision – listeners can relate to and be inspired by without feeling preached to (similar Switchfoot’s Beautiful Letdown).

The album has a pop feel, but the tone is different on some tracks, coming across as contemporary folk.  It’s a nice juxtaposition that made it hard to pin down similar artists – her work is as varied as that of Sara Groves, Taylor Swift, and Nickel Creek.  Regardless, both styles fit Plage’s beautiful voice nicely.

Cait Plage is a wonderful singer and has crafted a catchy EP.  But more than that, All We Have Is Now is full of thoughtful and timely messages that I think will strike at the hearts of any who are willing to hear.

Rating: A

You can purchase Cait’s EP through iTunes or Amazon on March 29.


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